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Happy Birthday, My Fair Lady

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My Fair Lady, the musical based on George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion premiered on Broadway at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on March 15, 1956. Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews starred in the production. Nine years later, the film version, starring Audrey Hepburn (whose singing voice was dubbed by Marni Nixon), premiered. Here, six famous scenes from the glorious silver screen production.

"Wouldn't It Be Loverly?"

Humble flower girl Eliza Doolittle dreams about a new life.

"The Rain in Spain"

Henry Higgins boasts to Hugh Pickering that he could teach any woman to speak so well that he could pass her off as a duchess at an embassy ball. Here, Eliza starts to get the hang of her new phonetics.

"I Could Have Danced All Night"

Eliza is smitten after an impromptu dance with Henry Higgins.

And here's Hepburn's recording of the song:

Horse Race Scene

Henry Higgins takes Eliza to Ascot Racecourse to test her manners.

The Embassy Ball

Eliza's ultimate test comes when she attends the Embassy Ball.

I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face

After Eliza leaves Henry for under-valuing her, Henry sings this song as he realizes that while he's angry, he's going to miss his pupil. Fun fact: While the other cast members lip synched to pre-recorded versions of the songs, Harrison sang his songs live—the talk-sing nature, he said, made them too difficult to lip sync.