Just Like the Movies

This is one of my favorite ideas. It would be a museum where each room is a meticulously-recreated set from iconic films like The Godfather, Star Wars, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I want to go to there.


Bringing Back the Original Mickey

Disney is launching a series of cartoons designed to reintroduce the original Mickey Mouse.


Video of Elusive Authors

The only known video of Anne Frank, as well as other famous authors that largely eluded cameras.



Fishing in Bamba only happens once a year, only lasts a quarter of an hour, and is amazing.


The Machine That Lets You Move Objects With Your Mind

They call it a “brain-computer interface” and it’s so simple a monkey could do it.


The Bottomless Cup of Beer

The Bottoms Up beer system is so quick you could pour 56 beers in a single minute—if you were so inclined.



Go watch the new mental_floss YouTube channel!