The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Councilman Not Allowed to Wear Wrestling Mask to Meetings

A candidate named Skull Reaper A-ji won a spot on the city council in Oita, Japan, but ran into trouble at his very first council meeting. Skull Reaper A-ji wears a "lucha libre" type leather wrestling mask in his daily life, and the other council members did not put up with it. They refused to let the new councilman participate in the meeting because of a standing rule that says "a person taking the floor shall not wear items such as a hat." Skull Reaper A-ji refused to remove his mask.

"Gallon-smashing" is a Crime

Four teenagers were seen "gallon-smashing" at a Walmart in Butte, Montana. Store employees held one 15-year-old, who was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and theft, while three others got away. One of the perpetrators removed two gallons of milk from the display case and threw them on the floor, causing them to burst. He then rolled in the milk while others recorded him on video. Gallon-smashing appeared on the internet last month, when pranksters in Virginia uploaded a similar incident to YouTube. The purpose of the destruction is to make the video. Police say they have the identity of the other teenagers, and they will be charged.

Printer Returned with Photocopied Money Inside

If you're going to try to return that printer to the store, you should remove those copies of $100 bills from it. Police in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin, arrested Jarad S. Carr on charges of attempted theft by fraud, forgery, and resisting arrest.

Police were called to Walmart at 3:05 p.m. Thursday because Carr, 37, of West Bend was trying to return a printer without receipts or proof he bought it from the Lake Hallie Walmart.

While inspecting the printer, a single sheet with two counterfeit $100 bills printed on it was found.

Carr insisted on returning the printer even after Walmart staffers refused to take it.

After Carr was arrested, three additional counterfeit bills were found on his person. Police are still looking for a second man involved in the incident.

Falling Asleep in French Fries

In Cookeville, Tennessee, employees at a Hardee's outlet saw a man at a table, face down, asleep on his french fries and ketchup. They called police, who came and woke him up. The man awoke, but was so intoxicated he began eating his fries again, and did not acknowledge the police officers. Police arrested 32-year-old Bratten Hale Cook III for public intoxication. They added more charges when he was found to have marijuana and prescription pills in his possession.

Shark Wrestler Loses Job

In a previous column, we told you about Paul Marshallsea, who wrestled a shark away from small children at a beach in Australia. The video of his heroism went viral, and because of it, Marshallsea has been fired from his job back in Wales. See, Marshallsea was on sick leave instead of vacation at the time. In another twist, the sick leave was for work-related stress, which you might think would warrant a beach vacation. Marshallsea's wife, who works for the same company, was also fired over the incident.

Removing a Ring with a Gun

Police in Bradford, Pennsylvania, arrested a 31-year-old federal prison guard at his home after reports of gunshots. Alfredo Malespini III was found intoxicated with a mangled finger. He told officers he was trying to remove the wedding ring—by shooting at it. Malespini was taken to a hospital for treatment. The ring was still on his damaged finger.