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How Many Phone Numbers Do You Know?

Jason English
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1. Remember how many phone numbers you used to know? Even though my friends are no longer at the other end, I can still rattle off a bunch of their numbers today. 625-5250! 627-4116! Now those digits are taking up space in my cellphone, not my brain. How many current numbers are you storing in your head?

2. What's the weirdest site/page that you have bookmarked? For me it's this.

3. You probably didn't miss me, but today's my first day back after a nice little paternity leave. We're thrilled to welcome Juliet Marie English to the world, and she's thrilled to be here. So thrilled, in fact, she wants to be awake every single minute. I will end the proud dad gushing here and instead use Juliet for a question: what's the longest you've gone without sleep?

4. Erin McCarthy did a great job running the show while I was gone and I want to buy her something nice. She loves cats and the New York Rangers. Anyone got any ideas?

5. If you have a question for your fellow _flossers, ask it in the five spot. It's good to be back!