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Screening Notes Reveal Executives Hated Blade Runner

Erin McCarthy /

These days, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is hailed as a sci-fi masterpiece—complete with groundbreaking in-camera effects—that was way ahead of its time. But as recently discovered memos reveal, when the executives who funded it got a look at the film in 1982, they weren’t so thrilled with the film. In fact, they hated it.

The notes from Tandem Productions executives Jerry Perenchio, Bud Yorkin, and Robin French’s screening of what is apparently Scott's third cut of the film say Blade Runner “gets worse" and is “duller every time we see it.” Among many other issues the executives have with the film are the music (“We must use Vangelis”) and the film’s voiceover (“voice over is dry and monotone” … “this voice over is terrible. Audience will fall asleep” … “voice over is an insult"). Summing up, the execs say that “Up to Zhora’s death, the picture is deadly dull.” Take a look at the notes, courtesy of Geek Tyrant, below.