A Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon?

Here’s a brief look at what a Calvin and Hobbes animated show might have looked like. This just reminds me how much I miss this strip.


The Most Addicting Thing You’ll See Today

Google’s new feature The Peanut Gallery lets you add your own title cards to silent movies.


Super Mario Easter Eggs

Be the coolest parent in the neighborhood by making these Super Mario Easter eggs. Or just make them for yourself. That’s cool too.


Bloody Penguins

Quentin Tarantino’s films have been re-imagined as Penguin book covers.


Stand-Up Celebrity Run-Ins

Famous comedians share their tales of interacting with other famous people. Some of the routines may contain some NSFW language.


Read Your Dog’s Mind

By reading his face. I bet you he’s thinking that he wants some food.


The First Scene is Everything

Do you agree with this list of the 50 best opening movie scenes of all time?