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If You Could Live Any Year Over Again...

Jason English

On Fridays I post a series of questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one question, answer all, reply to someone else. On to this week's topics of discussion!

1. I'm handing you a magic ticket that lets you relive any year of your life. You could go back and change something (or everything), or just enjoy a happy period for a second time. What year would you choose? And while you could follow Biff Tannen's lead, it's no fun if everyone says that.

2. Two questions here: What was the first compact disc and the last compact disc you purchased? 

3. Besides family or friends, what's something you loved at age 10 that you still love today?

4. Let's say the Treasury Department decided to introduce a $3 bill, just for kicks. And in a curious move, they've put you in charge of the design. Which figure in American history not currently memorialized on currency would you picture? What would go on the back?

5. Got a question for your fellow _flossers? Ask away!

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