Fifty years ago this month, Marvel Comics released its first issue of the The Amazing Spider-Man. To commemorate the occasion, The Onion has compiled a look back at the past half-century of the web-slinger’s history that may not be, uh, completely accurate. (June 1975: Spider-Man learns to swim.)

March Madness started this past Thursday, and New York magazine has a rundown of the top ten most compelling team trivia as well as the players worth watching. It’s useful, whether you’re a diehard Duke fan or someone who put a few dollars into the office pool knowing you’ll never get it back.

These 20 embarrassingly bad book covers do deserve to be judged, and judged harshly.

In any relationship, it’s hard to let someone go. In a book club, it can be even harder. This guide will help you figure when to bid adieu to That Guy in your local reading group – especially if he eats all the cupcakes and texts during discussion.

Breaking nutritional news: butter isn’t as bad for you as you think! Read up on it while I start measuring sugar and pre-heating the oven.

In related news, a daily habit of drinking coffee or green tea can decrease your risk of having a stroke, so relax and have a cuppa for your health.

American poet and social activist Langston Hughes had a hobby on the side of collecting “rent party” cards, which advertised social gatherings with music and dancing, whose hosts charged an entry fee to help offset their rent.

People-watching is a classic American pastime. These street photos taken on the sidewalks of New York in the 1960s and ‘70s, featuring elderly women, hare krishnas, and a minister rocking some shades, remind us why.