The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Warning: This week's edition of the Weird Week is heavy on roadkill.

Bart Simpson Appears in Court Before Mr. Burns

Bart Simpson of Eccleshall, Staffordshire, England, went to court to answer a charge of possessing a firearm at an airport. The 56-year-old Simpson appeared before a judge named Mr. Recorder Burns in Warwick Crown Court. Some eyebrows were raised when the names of the principles in the case were announced, but a court worker assured the press that the court case will proceed as any other criminal case.

22-ton Bridge Stolen

Has anybody seen the bridge? Sunday night, an entire bridge was taken from a village in Turkey.

The 22-ton bridge, which was 25 meters long, was in a village in Kocaeli's Gölçük district and was regularly used by villagers to cross a creek to reach their orchards. The villagers were astonished to discover the disappearance of the bridge on Monday morning as they were making their way to the orchards and immediately alerted the police.

Police arrived at the scene and determined that the bridge had been cut apart and loaded onto a truck by the thieves. They believe the bridge was stolen for scrap metal. Its worth was an estimated TL 20,000.  

Meanwhile, villagers must cross the creek by wading.

Montana Looks at Allowing Roadkill for Dinner

Montana state legislators in Helena are one vote away from approving a law that would allow motorists to salvage deer, elk, and moose that have been killed on the state's highways. Other fur-bearing animals and birds were initially included in the bill, but were then removed. Under the new law, those salvaging animal carcasses would have to get a permit from law enforcement. Opponents are concerned about whether roadkill is safe enough for food banks to accept the meat, and whether hunters would use the new law to kill animals with vehicles.

Roadkill Runs Away

Tuesday morning, police in Kalamazoo, Michigan, spoke to a man who told them he hit a small deer and had it in his trunk. Michigan law allows motorists who hit and kill a deer to keep it for meat, as long as they get it properly tagged with a a state deer kill permit. When officers opened the trunk to inspect the kill, the deer leapt out of the trunk and took off, with no apparent injuries. The incident was captured on the police car's dashcam.

Hay and Carrot Thefts Point to Horse

A series of thefts in the rural area around Penryn in England have authorities concerned. At one farm, seven bales of hay and straw, a sack of carrots, and a wheelbarrow were taken. In the second theft at a different farm, 14 bales of hay, a pressure washer, and various power tools were stolen.

“I think we are looking for a horse,” said Detective Constable Rick Milburn from Falmouth Police Station.

“Anyone with any knowledge of anyone who has recently acquired a horse or is trying to establish a living space for a horse, we are asking them to contact us with any information.”

Now, what would a horse want power tools for?

Cat Skin Rug Sparks Outrage, Laughter

New Zealand taxidermist Andrew Lancaster found a dead cat and, impressed with its perfection, made a cat skin rug out of it. He put it up for sale on the auction site Trade Me, where it was viewed by over 10,000 people. The winning bidder paid $995 for the feline rug. Review of the auction ranged from outrage and disgust to accolades from people who thought it was funny. One animal advocacy group merely called the auction "in extremely bad taste."