These pictures of the world’s coolest libraries will have you suffering from a serious case of shelf envy.

The “Where I Like to Read” series features authors discussing their favorite places to curl up with a book they didn’t write themselves. Responses range from “this beat up old ‘Grasshopper Lounge’ chair” to trains to “the most expensive piece of furniture I will ever own” – the final answer courtesy of John Green, co-host of the new Mental_Floss YouTube channel.

Subways around the world are reliably vibrant settings for photographers and the people and scenes they love to shoot, as this slideshow of contemporary subway images from international artists proves.

After the recent defeat of his proposed ban on the sale of sodas larger than sixteen ounces, New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg is at it again, aiming to curb rates of youth smoking by requiring retailers to keep all tobacco products out of sight.

Finished with your weekend reading a little early? The What Should I Read Next? website will cross-reference the name of an author or the title of a book that you like against its database of reader recommendations to find your potential new favorite book.

In the latest report from the Mars Curiosity Rover, “one of the whitest and brightest things we’ve seen” on the Red Planet—the chalky, mineral interior of a rock the size of a marble—might indicate the erstwhile presence of water.

The latest trailer for J. J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness finally, finally starts to reveal what the second installment in the franchise reboot is actually about.