How to Buy a New Computer (in 1993)

YouTube / Computer Chronicles
YouTube / Computer Chronicles / YouTube / Computer Chronicles

This classic episode of Computer Chronicles helps buyers choose personal 1993. It's quite the trip down memory lane, including a sponsor message featuring the phrase "don't copy that floppy" in a completely non-ironic way. (If you don't know about "don't copy that floppy," please follow that link and watch the rap.)

Now dial your time machine back to 1993 and get ready for phrases like "Choosing a 486 processor now may save you money in the long run!" and detailed discussions of the performance impacts of 4MB versus 8MB of RAM. Oh, memories. If you're a Mac user, zip forward to 15:40 to enjoy the messy product lineup of the era.

So what were you driving in 1993? I was cruising in a 386DX-40 with 4MB of RAM. I bought it from a weird dude in a 7-11 parking lot for cash, but it turned out to be just fine. At some point I added a 1x speed CD-ROM drive and ran OS/2 Warp on that thing. It took only a half hour (not kidding) to boot, largely because the machine was RAM-starved.