We know animals see differently than we do and that their brains process visual messages in a different manner—which has led many to wonder if animals can see optical illusions. According to this YouTube video, at least one cat seems to be able see the common rotating snake illusion. After the video went viral, many other people started wondering whether or not the cat was just being a playful kitten or if he was, indeed, trying to attack something that he perceived to be moving. As people started testing the results on their own cats, the results came back fairly mixed. Some cats would attack the illusions, while others would completely ignore them. Unfortunately, without really understanding how illusions work on the animal mind, it's hard to say if the playful cats are seeing the illusions or just attacking paper, or if the ones ignoring the illusions see them, but are just choosing not to respond. While we might not be able to conclusively answer the question, we can at least confirm that kitties attacking illusions are utterly adorable—and it gives us all a good excuse to see how our own pets respond to strange visual stimuli like these. In fact, if any of you have tested out illusions on your pets, did you get any interesting responses?