Live, From LA...

It’s a Saturday Night Live-inspired art show.



If you’re like me, you woke up this morning thinking “What’s with Naked Mole Rats? I think I’ll spend the day finding out all kinds of fascinating facts about them..” Well you are in luck.



If it pained you just to read that one-word headline, then you need to read this article on word aversion.

After you read the article, tell me in the comments below about a word you can’t stand. Please keep it clean.


A Slightly Less Grotesque Basketball Injury

I wouldn’t dare re-post yesterday’s terrible on-court injury. I offer instead a rather comical instance of basketball celebration gone wrong.


The Rise of Uncomfortable Ads

You know those anti-smoking PSAs starring former smokers? Well those are just getting started.


Great, Free Movies

They’re great. They’re free. Get watching.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Baseball gets going in full swing today. (That pun was a real home run.) So let’s revisit the story of the woman who struck out Babe Ruth.