From the Man That Brought You Titanic II

Comes Jurassic Park. The eccentric businessman that is rebuilding everyone’s favorite ill-fated ship also wants to create an island tourist attraction packed with dinosaurs.


More Marvelous Moles

I know that after Monday's Mole Rats you’ll want to know some true facts about the Star Nosed Mole:


Quick: How Many Teaspoons Are in 1/16th of A Cup?

This kitchen measurement conversion graphic is fantastic and will soon be printed and kept in my kitchen. Maybe that will help you avoid a massive, colossal conversion error.


Reversing Times Square

Improv Everywhere couldn’t possibly let April Fools Day pass without pulling off another one of their famous scenes. But who exactly were they pranking?


Jimmy & Jay Belt It Out

The two late night hosts team up to reimagine a Broadway classic.


They’re Always Listening

And these awesome spy gadgets could be anywhere.


John Paul’s Early Obituary

He passed away eight years ago today, but Pope John Paul II was among a group of famous people that actually read their own obituaries before their time had come.