AOL Fixes Everything in 1995

YouTube / AOL
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In the wake of Verizon's announced acquisition of AOL for $4.4 billion, it's worth remembering AOL's heyday as the Internet's one-stop destination for everything. In 1995, life online was a lot simpler. We just wanted to discuss kayaking with "online kayaking friends," send flowers to Mom, buy airline tickets, and help our kids look up dinosaur-related information. Fortunately, there was one service that could provide all of these services, freeing us from the tedium of doing real-world errands. If we were lucky (as the guys in this video are), the time savings would mean we could go to an unspecified sporting event! Got two minutes to remember the early days of America Online? Sit back, grab an expired Crystal Pepsi, and enjoy.

"You know, I can even send e-mail on the Internet!"

Just one year later, AOL amped up their commercials a bit, appealing to the more lucrative kid market. The typographical madness shown in the screenshots makes my eyes hurt. Behold:

This story originally ran in April 2013.