The Weird Week in Review

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Rent-A-Mourner for Your Funeral

If your deceased loved one might not have enough mourners at the funeral to suit you, you can now rent some. The UK-based Rent-A-Mourner company will send “professional, polite, well dressed individuals” to mingle with family and friends and express the proper amount of grief. They cost about $68 a head. The funeral will at least look better for services in which the deceased was new to the area, outlived their friends, or was just plain unpopular.

Dog Rescued by Cows

A border collie named Harley went missing for six freezing nights in the countryside near Aberdeen, Scotland, during a visit to a relative's farm. Her owner Leyonee Donald contacted police and made appeals online for the dog's return, but was almost resigned to the fact that Harley was lost forever. However, her father went to check on his cows and found them gathered around, acting restless and intently staring at a section of hay. Inside the hay was Harley, who had fallen into a hole in the haystacks and couldn't get out. Harley was retrieved from the hay and checked out by a vet, who declared the dog in good shape.

Making Sauce with a Cement Mixer

An unnamed pizza restaurant in Sweden came under fire for unapproved food preparation devices after a customer found a screw in his kebab. The restaurant staff blamed it on the salad tongs. Then it turns out that loose screws had been found in food before.

But the plot thickened when the customer alerted the local council's environmental office (miljökontoret). Inspectors discovered that the restaurant owners were using a cement mixer that had been painted blue for making salad dressing and sauces.

The owners were unable to explain what had happened with the pieces of paint that had flaked away and fallen off the machine.

"When I took over the restaurant, the previous owner told me that everything had been approved," the owner told DN, adding that he was new to the restaurant business and unaware of the rules.

On the health inspector's advice, the restaurant owner bought a brand-new food mixer the same day.

Easter Bunny Pulled Over by Highway Patrol

An Easter bunny riding a motorcycle with a sidecar on the interstate highway drew plenty of attention Saturday near San Diego. CHP officer Adam Griffiths saw him as well, and pulled the motorcycle over due to several violations: he wasn't wearing a helmet, wearing the bunny head impaired his vision, and he was distracting other drivers. But the bunny, who was on his way to a charity event, was issued a warning instead of a citation. He was allowed to continue, with the bunny head in the sidecar.

A Stolen Goat Walks into a Bar….

The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Butte, Montana, was missing a pygmy goat from its petting zoo. The staff didn't realize that the kid had been kidnapped, instead of just wandering off, until they saw a newspaper report of a goat that someone had taken to a bar early on Easter morning. Apparently, that stunt led to the animal warden taking the goat to the Butte-Silver Bow animal shelter, where the staff named her Shirley. The resort claimed the goat, and she was back home on Wednesday. The resort manager said they would press charges against the kidnappers -if they knew who they were.

KFC to Go Boneless

Kentucky Fried Chicken will introduce its new Original Recipe Boneless chicken on April 14th. The new chicken, which is also skinless, is aimed at millennials, who grew up eating chicken nuggets, and is expected to promote lunch sales by making it easier to eat in the car. The company will stop rolling out any new products with bones, and will start phasing out chicken on the bone. The majority of chicken at KFC will be boneless as early as next year.