Awesome 80s Cell Phone Ads

These TV spots show off the amazing new “transportable cellular phone system”.


Wanna Feel Really Insignificant?

You might after you find out there might be 100 billion “Earths” out there somewhere.


Try Explaining This, Science

These six materials do completely amazing and befuddling things. Article contains some NSFW language.


Be A Film Critic

A man in New Zealand sued Paramount Pictures because he felt a movie trailer was misleading, and the studio agreed to refund his money. Excuse me, I have about 500 lawsuits I need to go file.


Be A Film Prop Collector

Here are a few props from well-known motion pictures that you could go out and purchase right now.


We Should All be Judged...

The entire U.S. population should be put on trial for allowing this individual to become the highest-paid person on TV.


Speaking of Judging...

I should most certainly be judged, because when I travel to Pittsburgh in a few weeks for a Pirates game, I am definitely getting this sandwich.

What's the most shameful junk food you've ever eaten? This will probably be mine.