Odd Jobs: Hitler’s Food Taster

Margot Wölk tried Hitler’s meals to make sure they weren’t poisoned.


The Sports Moment of the Year

A seven year old boy named Jack Hoffman is battling brain cancer. This past weekend he ran for a touchdown in Nebraska’s annual spring football game. This video will make you cry.


Speakeasy & Carry A Membership Card

These cards granted access to the world of alcohol in Prohibition-era America.


You’d Think They Could Afford A Designer

The owners of these websites have billions of dollars and zero eye for design.


Get Those Kids Outside

Here’s a great list to remind yourself why kids need to get outside. It makes them smarter.


Speak Up

The AV Club has compiled a list of popular songs that contain weird whispering. I never realized there are so many.


I Really Wish I Was Good At Basketball

Check out how much money Kobe Bryant makes in 5, 15, 30, 60 seconds.