Early Actor Auditions

Before they were stars, they had to try out for parts.


Child Gangs Have Shut Down the Louvre

The French museum is closed because the staff is tired of being robbed.

Until the Louvre re-opens, I guess these oddball exhibits will have to do.


Why Would You Eat That?

I love spicy foods. But I love “Hey, this has some kick to it” spicy, not “Holy lord, my lips are blistering, my tongue is numb and I’m sweating buckets” spicy. Why do people eat things that are that scorching hot?


Inception Is Totally Happening

Scientists are figuring out how to read dreams. This seems too amazing to be real. Maybe that’s because this is all a dream. All of it. This entire life of mine. Whoa.


Coming Clean About A Movie Travesty

The actors and crew that unleashed the film Batman & Robin into the world in 1997 explain what they were thinking.


How Potatoes Get Chipped

This video from inside a potato chip factory is really cool and very appetizing.