9 Pieces of Gear Perfect for Spring Runs


Runners who’ve been relegated to the treadmill for racking up their miles all winter long are finally heading back outdoors in droves. Depending on where you live, though, it might be another month or two before you have weather that really calls for tank tops and shorts on your jogs. So we've rounded up nine pieces of new running gear that are ideal for the season’s transitional temps and unpredictable rainstorms.


Accelerate Jacket from Asics

A must-have for runs this time of year: a lightweight jacket that you can easily pull off and on when the weather’s indecisive. Enter this offering from Asics, which features zippered vents for added breathability (when you warm up) and a finish that repels water if you get stuck in a spring shower. There are also reflective details, including a thick stripe down the middle of the hood, so you’ll stay visible on early-morning runs or if you’re still covering ground after the sun goes down.

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Bunny Hop tank top from Rabbit
Rabbit Running

Layer this lightweight, breathable tank from Rabbit under a jacket on a chilly morning run or wear it on its own once the day warms up. It’s made of soft, wicking mesh and has a fit that’s slim against your skin but not tight, so it’s flattering underneath another layer or alone—serving you well throughout the entire spring and summer.

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Black capri pants by The North Face
The North Face

These breathable capris offer the perfect amount of coverage for cool spring runs but boast a moisture-wicking material that pulls away sweat and keeps your skin feeling dry. They also have plenty of pockets: a zippered one for holding your phone; one along the waistband for a credit card, house key, or cash; and a couple extras for stashing energy gels for longer training runs. Bonus: Reflective details keep you safe and visible when jogging at dawn or at dusk.

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High-impact sports bra by Champion C9
Champion C9

You can easily spend over $100 on a quality sports bra, but this gem from Champion's exclusive line for Target proves you don't need to break the bank to get the support you need. Its molded cups can help even larger-chested women stay comfortable during a high-intensity workout, and its front zipper makes it easy to take off (even when you're sweaty).

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Smart shoe from Altra

These new smart shoes pack the cushy, comfy soles that the brand is known for with added details that are totally brilliant. Full-length sensors in both shoes give you an inside look at how you run—taking note of your impact (and whether it's imbalanced), ground contact, and cadence. The shoes connect to your smartphone to display all the deets and let you know if some part of your gait is a little off. Best part: There are visual and audible coaching cues as you run, to help correct any issues with your form. All these features are especially smart in the spring because overuse injuries are common this time of year and the intel and coaching can help you sidestep them.

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Vivoactive activity monitor wearable device from Garmin

This new watch has all the great tracking features of Garmin’s traditional run watches packed into a slim band. Swipe up on the screen to see your daily stats like heart rate, steps, and floors climbed, then when it’s time to go for a jog, just toggle over to record your stats. Its built-in GPS grabs your distance and the course you take. Later, look back to past runs with the calendar screen on its paired app.

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Men's tank top by Rhone

This high performance tank is made from a lightweight material that wicks away sweat and dries quickly. It's the perfect base to layer under a jacket or fleece on chilly or raining mornings.

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Reflective bracelet by Bolt

If the sun hasn’t quite come up when you head out for your morning run, slap this band around your arm or ankle. It stays snug and comfy and adds a safe pop of reflectivity to your getup. (If you’ve got hair to hold back from your face, try the Bolt headband, too.) It’s a small accessory that makes a big difference in your visibility.

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Apple Watch with Road ID plate with contact info
Road ID

Safety comes first with this cool accessory for your watch. A stainless steel faceplate is laser engraved with your personal details, then you simply slide it into place on your regular watch band. It’s sleek but large enough to fit your entire home address and phone number, or the contact info for a few family members, plus a line for a mantra to keep you motivated whenever you glance at your wrist.

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10 Wireless Chargers Designed to Make Life Easier

La Lucia/Moshi
La Lucia/Moshi

While our smart devices and gadgets are necessary in our everyday life, the worst part is the clumsy collection of cords and chargers that go along with them. Thankfully, there are more streamlined ways to keep your phone, AirPods, Apple Watch, and other electronics powered-up. Check out these 10 wireless chargers that are designed to make your life convenient and connected.

1. Otto Q Wireless Fast Charging Pad; $40

Otto Q Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Touted as one of the world's fastest chargers, this wireless model from Moshi is ideal for anyone looking to power-up their phone or AirPods in a hurry. It sports a soft, cushioned design and features a proprietary Q-coil module that allows it to charge through a case as thick as 5mm.

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2. Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station; $57

Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station
Rego Tech

Consolidate your bedside table with this clock, Bluetooth 5.0 speaker, and wireless charger, all in one. It comes with a built-in radio and glossy LED display with three levels of brightness to suit your style.

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3. BentoStack PowerHub 5000; $100 (37 percent off)

BentoStack PowerHub 5000

This compact Apple accessory organizer will wirelessly charge, port, and store your device accessories in one compact hub. It stacks to look neat and keep you from losing another small piece of equipment.

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4. Porto Q 5K Portable Battery with Built-in Wireless Charger; $85

Porto Q 5K Portable Battery with Built-in Wireless Charger

This wireless charger doubles as a portable battery, so when your charge dies, the backup battery will double your device’s life. Your friends will love being able to borrow a charge, too, with the easy, non-slip hook-up.

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5. 4-in-1 Versatile Wireless Charger; $41 (31 percent off)

4-in-1 Versatile Wireless Charger
La Lucia

Put all of those tangled cords to rest with this single, temperature-controlled charging stand that can work on four devices at once. It even has a built-in safeguard to protect against overcharging.

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6. GRAVITIS™ Wireless Car Charger; $20 (31 percent off)

GRAVITIS™ Wireless Car Charger

If you need to charge your phone while also using it as a GPS, this wireless device hooks right into the car’s air vent for safe visibility. Your device will be fully charged within two to three hours, making it perfect for road trips.

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7. Futura X Wireless 15W Fast Charging Pad; $35 (30 percent off)

Futura X Wireless 15W Fast Charging Pad

This incredibly thin, tiny charger is designed for anyone looking to declutter their desk or nightstand. Using a USB-C cord for a power source, this wireless charger features a built-in cooling system and is simple to set up—once plugged in, you just have to rest your phone on top to get it working.

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8. Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain; $20 (59 percent off)

Apple Watch Wireless Charger Keychain
Go Gadgets

This Apple Watch charger is all about convenience on the go. Simply attach the charger to your keys or backpack and wrap your Apple Watch around its magnetic center ring. The whole thing is small enough to be easily carried with you wherever you're traveling, whether you're commuting or out on a day trip.

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9. Wireless Charger with 30W Power Delivery & 18W Fast Charger Ports; $55 (38 percent off)

Wireless Charger from TechSmarter

Fuel up to three devices at once, including a laptop, with this single unit. It can wirelessly charge or hook up to USB and USB-C to consolidate your charging station.

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10. FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table; $150 (24 percent off)

FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table

This bamboo table is actually a wireless charger—all you have to do is set your device down on the designated charging spot and you're good to go. Easy to construct and completely discreet, this is a novel way to charge your device while entertaining guests or just enjoying your morning coffee.

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5 Ingenious Tricks for Saving Burnt Cookies

"Please bake our brethren on the middle rack next time."
"Please bake our brethren on the middle rack next time."
cnicbc/iStock via Getty Images

It doesn’t take long for cookies to go from an irresistible golden brown to a dispiriting black (especially if you're baking at a high altitude). But before you toss them in the trash and start rummaging around in your pantry for a store-bought snack, we have a few suggestions for saving that imperfect batch.

1. Grate off the burnt bits of cookie with a zester or cheese grater.

As PureWow explains, all you have to do is slide the cookie along your cheese grater to get rid of the burnt layer on the bottom. The smaller the holes, the better, so a lemon zester works well for this, too.

2. Scrape the burned part of the cookie off with a knife.

If you don’t have a cheese grater, you can get the same results with a regular knife—it just might take you an extra minute or two. Instead of slicing off the entire bottom of the cookie, hold your knife blade perpendicular to the bottom of the cookie and carefully scrape away the burnt crumbs.

3. Store the burned cookies in a jar with a piece of bread.

Even after you’ve shaved off the blackened evidence of your culinary blunder, your cookies might still be crispier than you’d prefer. Store them in an airtight container with a slice of bread—they’ll soak up the moisture and soften right up.

4. Make ice cream sandwiches with your burned cookies.

Snobby snackers won’t scoff at your grated cookies if they can’t even see the bottoms. Slather one with a nice, thick layer of ice cream, slap another one on top, and roll the edges in your favorite topping for a treat that’s better than any cookie—burnt or not.

5. Transform your burned cookies into a cookie crust.

For charred, crunchy cookies that seem beyond salvation, you can completely cut off the burnt bottoms, crush the remains, and turn them into a cookie crust for a pie or cheesecake. Here’s a simple recipe from the Pioneer Woman that calls for three ingredients: cookie crumbs, butter, and sugar.