You Can Dive Into Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin

Stacy Conradt
Courtesy Disney Channel/Image Group LA
Courtesy Disney Channel/Image Group LA / Courtesy Disney Channel/Image Group LA

Any DuckTales fan worth their salt knows the best pool at Scrooge McDuck's Manor wasn't filled with water; the obscenely wealthy waterfowl was fond of taking his daily dips in a money pit filled with his massive stash of cash.

In 2011, Forbes declared Scrooge #1 on their "Fictional 15" list, a compilation of the most flush fictional characters past and present. Their estimate of his fortune—$44.1 billion—gives the Scottish tycoon a lot of gold to glide through. And now you can cannonball into his coins, too.

To promote the reboot of DuckTales that's set to debut late this summer, Disney has recreated a life-size version of the famous swimming pool packed with 30,000 plastic pucks resembling Scrooge's fortune. The money bin made its public debut at the Radio Disney Music Awards last weekend, where fans and celebs alike relished the chance to cavort in that impressive chunk of change. If you want to get your backstroke on, the next stop on the tour is the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center this July. Just keep your eyes peeled for the Beagle Boys.