This Man Planted a Famous Topiary Garden Using Rescued Shrubs

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Pearl Fryar didn't have any formal landscaping training, but he beat the odds—and shattered stereotypes—by creating his own world-famous topiary garden. Fryar, who lives in Bishopville, South Carolina, began planting the elaborate 3-acre plot in 1981. He wanted to win his local garden club’s “Yard of the Month” award to disprove a pervasive myth that African-American homeowners didn’t maintain their yards. Fryar won the title, and today, visitors from around the world visit Bishopville to see the lush landscape of hedges and trees (many of which were rescued from the recycling bin of a local nursery).

Take a virtual tour of the Pearl Fryar topiary garden by watching the video below, filmed by Great Big Story.

[h/t The Kid Should See This]