A Rick and Morty Rickmobile Just Hit the Road

Jake Rossen
Rickmobile, Twitter
Rickmobile, Twitter / Rickmobile, Twitter

Cue your choice of a Rickrolling joke: A vehicle sporting a large and uncanny likeness of mad scientist Rick from Adult Swim’s cult animated hit Rick and Morty departed Los Angeles on May 7, with plans to drive across the country.

Novelty promotional cars are nothing new. You may recall the enormous, vaguely unsettling Eddie Murphy-mobile that celebrated the release of 2008’s Meet Dave, or the decades-long journey of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. But Adult Swim promises that the Rickmobile will be slightly different than its locomoting predecessors. Inside Rick’s coiled body is a mobile store, full of Rick and Morty gear.

The vehicle is currently en route to Atlanta, Georgia, with planned stops in Brooklyn on May 18 and Boston on May 20. Barring any mechanical delay, the car will conclude its road trip at New York Comic Con on October 8.

Adult Swim is encouraging fans who spot the vehicle to Tweet a photo or reaction. Here’s a sampling:

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