Photographer Explores the Quirky Scenes From Estate Sales

Rebecca OConnell
Norm Diamond, Daylight Books
Norm Diamond, Daylight Books / Norm Diamond, Daylight Books
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Estate sales are an interesting slice of American culture. They let you enter a home and leave with anything that's not bolted down—for the right price.

Photographer Norm Diamond is interested in the unusual nature of estate sales and has traveled all over the country visiting them and documenting his journey. His travels have shown him a whole array of knick-knacks and belongings that give some clues about the people who used to own them. The photographs are often humorous or sad, always touching on something very human and intimate.

You can find these photos in Diamond's new book published by Daylight Books, What Is Left Behind: Stories From Estate Sales. The book, which is currently available for pre-order, comes out May 16.

Tape Measure
Tape Measure /
Empty Frame
Empty Frame /
Cowboy Songs
Cowboy Songs /
Everything Must Go
Everything Must Go /
Everything Must Go
Everything Must Go /
Man of the House
Man of the House /
Marilyn Puzzle
Marilyn Puzzle /
Off Limits
Off Limits /
Playboy Collection
Playboy Collection /
Sewing Table
Sewing Table /
Stetsons and Old Spice
Stetsons and Old Spice /
Thousands Pay Homage
Thousands Pay Homage /

All images by Norm Diamond, courtesy of Daylight Books.