Meet Smalt, the Bluetooth-Enabled Salt Shaker

Smalt  / Smalt  

Seasoning your food can be a pretty mundane experience. What if your salt shaker could double as a conversation starter? What if it could stream music, set your table’s mood lighting, and automatically portion out your sodium intake?

Smalt, the Cadillac of salt shakers, can do all of that and more. Introduced by California-based Herb & Body, Smalt is a “smart” seasoning tool that uses Bluetooth to double as a tabletop speaker. You can stream music on it, adjust the built-in lighting for ambiance, or simply use it to dispense salt over your meals. The amount can be adjusted with a manual dial or through a voice command via Amazon’s Alexa software.

For a totally cutting-edge meal, you may want to consider pairing it with the HAPIfork, a utensil that vibrates when you’re stuffing food into your face too quickly; or the SmartPlate, which can assess the pile of calories in front of you. The resulting waste from your meal can then be deposited into the Smart Toilet, which flushes automatically and features a warm water wash.

Herb & Body plans on launching Smalt via an Indiegogo campaign in the near future. Price and availability have yet to be announced.

[h/t Eater]