Go to a Dreamland Far, Far Away With This Stars Wars Bedding

Rebecca OConnell
ThinkGeek / ThinkGeek
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Sleepy Star Wars fans will be delighted to know they can now fall asleep surrounded by TIE fighters and Imperial logos. A new line of bedding from ThinkGeek takes design cues from the franchise to make surprisingly adult-looking sheets. You can decide between three themes that have matching sheets and duvet covers: Death Star, Rogue One Death Star, and TIE fighters.

The Death Star duvet cover is reversible and comes with shams showing a TIE fighter, while the corresponding sheet set comes with a geometric design and pillow cases with the logo. The Rogue One version has a black duvet cover and Death Star shams, with sheets that are covered in little TIE fighters, TIE strikers, Death Stars, and Imperial crests. The TIE fighter version comes with an argyle-patterned duvet and TIE fighter sheets.

You can check out the whole collection here. For a more outdoorsy sleep, you can always nap in a tauntaun sleeping bag.

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