George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers is Headed to TV

Jake Rossen
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Games of Thrones may be coming to a close in 2018, but fans of George R.R. Martin’s works and their television adaptations have quite a bit to look forward to. HBO is currently pursuing four possible Thrones spinoffs, and now cable network Syfy has announced that Martin's 1980 novella, Nightflyers, has been earmarked for a series.

Here’s how Syfy describes the premise in a press release:

“Set in the future on the eve of Earth’s destruction, a crew of explorers journey on the most advanced ship in the galaxy, the Nightflyer, to intercept a mysterious alien spacecraft that might hold the key to their survival. As the crew nears their destination, they discover that the ship’s artificial intelligence and never-seen captain may be steering them into deadly and unspeakable horrors deep in the dark reaches of space.”

Clearly, all does not go well for anyone inhabiting a George R.R. Martin scenario. The story was first adapted into a 1987 film that most people have forgotten about. That movie’s screenwriter, Robert Jaffe, will be producing the series, but Martin will not: His HBO contract prohibits it.