Say Goodbye to Awkward Shoe-Switches with These Interchangeable Heels

A woman changing from sneakers to heels.
A woman changing from sneakers to heels. / iStock

High heels look great in the office, but they may not feel great while commuting to work. For fashionistas who wouldn’t be caught dead pairing Pumas with a power suit, German startup Mime et Moi has designed a line of shoes with interchangeable heels, allowing wearers to change their shape, size, and height while on the go.

Mime et Moi
Mime et Moi / Mime et Moi

The shoes come in a variety of colors and materials. Each one can be paired with multiple snap-on heel options—including high, block heels, and low heels—that fit into a purse or bag. A little lever on the shoe’s sole lets wearers detach the heel and slide a new one on. Step down, and it clicks into place.

Mime et Moi’s shoes are already available for purchase in Europe, following a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, the company has launched a follow-up fundraiser, with plans to debut their designs worldwide by winter 2017.

You can preorder a pair of Mime et Moi heels on Kickstarter, or online if you live in Europe. Kickstarter prices start at 125 € (about $137) for a package that includes a shoe bag, a pair of Mime et Moi shoes, the flat heels as well as another pair of heels, and a heel bag.