Lucky Charms Goes Full Marshmallow

General Mills
General Mills / General Mills

The recent trend in the dry cereal aisle has been to push the health benefits of foods with funny mascots: vitamins, whole grains, fiber, and added protein. But sometimes, people just want to shove spoonfuls of sugar into their cavity-ridden maws.

If you're one of them, General Mills is prepared to give you exactly what you want: A box of Lucky Charms full of nothing but marshmallows.

On Monday, the company announced that it will be offering 10,000 boxes of the limited-edition marshmallow-only cereal via a point-of-purchase contest. Buy a regular box of Lucky Charms, rip it open, and grab the 14-digit code printed on the inside of the cardboard. Enter it into the prompt at and the site will tell you if you’ve won a box of the hard stuff.

General Mills

Lucky Charms was originally introduced in 1963 after product developer John Holahan came up with a prototype of diced Cheerios and cut-up circus peanuts. General Mills held the first marshmallow-only giveaway in 2015, with just 10 boxes, and says that the outcry over such a limited supply led to a bigger inventory this time around. If this seems like too much of a good thing, there’s always Lucky Charms Oatmeal—but only if you live in Canada.

[h/t Thrillist]