‘Gilmore Girls’ Could Be Getting the LEGO Treatment

Michele Debczak
Netflix / Netflix

The Gilmore girls’ favorite spot to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 10 p.m. coffee could be coming to a toy store near you. As Fortune reports, a fan of the show re-imagined Luke’s Diner as a LEGO set and submitted the design to LEGO Ideas.

Any LEGO tinkerer can publish their concepts online through the LEGO website for the public to see. If a set receives support from 10,000 people or more, it moves on to the next stage of the proposal phase: consideration from LEGO bigwigs to make the design into a real product.

Designer Rainer Zufall was inspired to create the set after his wife, a major Gilmore Girls fan, asked for her own Luke’s Diner. He went out to recreate the Stars Hollow staple down to the last detail, from the coffee maker to the “No Cell Phones” sign behind the counter. The set also includes characters from the show: Luke, Lane, Kirk, Jess, and, of course, Rory and Lorelei have all been immortalized as mini-figures.

The Gilmore Girls set has been seeking support on LEGO ideas since April 30, and has already attracted over 8000 supporters. The project has 773 days left to get the full 10,000 votes it needs to move forward.

[h/t Fortune]

All images courtesy of LEGO Ideas