Google Is Making It Easier to Search for Jobs

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Modern job seekers have many search tools available to them, which can be more overwhelming than useful at times. Instead of hopping from job board to job board, finding listings that are relevant to you will soon be as simple as typing keywords into Google. That’s the plan behind Google for Jobs, a new feature the search engine is rolling out in the coming weeks, CNNMoney reports.

Currently, Googling the phrase “marketing jobs in Philadelphia” brings up links to sites like Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, and Monster, which each have their own lists of open positions. With the new search algorithm, those same words will conjure links of the individual job listings themselves collected from third-party sites and company career pages. To ensure the best results possible, Google is also adding options to filter jobs based on hours, posting date, and length of commute.

Google for Jobs aims to help users find work in any field. In addition to office jobs, the service is designed to connect job hunters to openings that aren’t always easy to find online, like retail positions.

Online job marketplaces are lucrative businesses—the industry is estimated to generate approximately $4 billion a year. Google isn’t the only tech giant looking to break into the market. Earlier this year, Facebook added its own careers page. Unlike Google’s new tool, Facebook’s job feature allows users to apply for gigs without leaving the site.

[h/t CNNMoney]