Avocado Meets Coffee in 'Avolatte' Trend

Jake Rossen
Lisa Maria Otte, Instagram
Lisa Maria Otte, Instagram / Lisa Maria Otte, Instagram

As the unicorn-themed drinks from Starbucks have proven, being creative with coffee can be a minefield. Some appreciate the effort that goes into putting new twists on the hot beverage, while others can become put-off by messing with the basics.

It’s hard to know which way the masses will lean if the “avolatte” gets any traction. An increasingly popular sight in Melbourne, Australia, it’s a latte served inside the hollowed-out husk of half an avocado, and seems tailor-made for Instagram sharing.

The concoction was apparently the idea of an unnamed perpetrator at the Truman Cafe in Melbourne, who posted an Instagram video showing an employee pouring coffee and milk into an avocado. The video was intended to be a joke, according to News.com.au, but since then people have been coming into the cafe and asking for an avolatte; other shops are beginning to emulate the idea.

Whether consumers are sincerely interested in tasting the beverage or just morbidly curious is hard to say. You can decide for yourself if and when the avolatte comes to a coffee shop near you.

[h/t Independent]