Snapping Shots at SNL

Mary Ellen Matthews takes those cool bumper photographs you see every week on SNL.


Note to Self: Don’t Fly On A Plane in the 1960s or '70s

In coordination with a new book on the subject, a new Tumblr is documenting the huge number of plane hijackings that took place in those decades. (Via Metafilter.)


The Road to Censorship

Begins with the “challenged books” list.


Someone Cue That Song by The Police

Every little bit of William McDonough’s life is being tracked, monitored and recorded.


It’s the End of the World...

According to 1939. The moon exploding is a nice touch.


The Furry Gangs of New York

They’re running the Big Apple through bullying, shakedowns, and threats—and they’re doing it all from behind Elmo and Cookie Monster masks.


The Bard Was Probably A Really Tough English Teacher

Historians have uncovered new evidence that shows that William Shakespeare was once a school teacher.