Every Mister Rogers Sweater Color, Visualized

Shaunacy Ferro
Owen Phillips // The Awl
Owen Phillips // The Awl / Owen Phillips // The Awl

There are few sweaters as iconic as the ones worn by Fred Rogers, the beloved PBS host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Throughout the show’s more than 30 years on the air, Rogers donned many a cardigan—so much so that one is now housed in the Smithsonian as an artifact of American history.

You can map out every sweater he wore throughout the series thanks to Tim Lybarger, creator of the fan site the Neighborhood Archive (and Mental Floss contributor). The Awl recently put together the above visualization of the data Lybarger gathered back in 2011, showing how his wardrobe changed over time.

As you can see, from the show’s start in 1979 to its close in 2001, Rogers began to swap out his bright yellows and sky blues for darker reds, pinks, and even the very occasional black. Though later fans might associate him predominantly with red, he wore green more than any other color, as Owen Phillips writes at The Awl. Overall, he switched it up quite a bit—the visualization as a whole is pretty blinding.

Enjoy more Mister Rogers colors at The Awl. If you really like the graphic, Phillips is giving away a high-resolution version to anyone who donates $5 to PBS.