Nintendo has come a long way since its NES days. The gaming company’s latest product, the Nintendo Switch, functions as console hardware, a controller, and a handheld device. Switch owners craving the classic Nintendo style they grew up with can now have the best of both eras. As engadget reports, 8Bitdo, a line of retro controllers, is now compatible with the new console.

Each 8Bitdo item is styled to look like an old-school Nintendo gamepad, from the NES30 to the N64 controller. They work with games played through Windows, Android, macOS, Steam, and, as of their latest firmware update, the Nintendo Switch.

The control panels built into the sides of the Switch can be removed and used as two separate controllers, or snapped together to make one big controller. Nintendo sells a more conventional Switch controller separately, but 8Bitdo remains one of the few third-party gamepad collections available for the console.

Gamers who have already spent $300 on a Switch can purchase their favorite classic controllers for $35 to $43.

[h/t engadget]