A Brief Guide to Pairing Food and Wine While You Travel

Shaunacy Ferro
iStock / iStock

Before you go galavanting off on your European vacation to an eating and drinking paradise like France or Italy, you might want to do a little homework. You may not care whether your cabernet sauvignon goes with your fish when you’re cooking at home, but to really get the most out of your meals during your travels, you might want to brush up on your pairing basics.

The villa rental site Oliver’s Travels put together an easy guide to pairing wines with the signature dishes of each European country the company operates in. (Because if you’re going to stay in a European villa, you’d better be eating amazing food.) Even if you’re not renting luxury accommodations, it’s good to know that that Bolognese you’re ordering would go great with the spicy, fruity notes of a Sangiovese.

Dive into the pairing guide below, or take a look at the interactive map version here.

Oliver's Travels