Shuffle Around the Labyrinth in These Worm Slippers

Rebecca OConnell
ThinkGeek / ThinkGeek

Relaxing is serious business, and that's why there's no shortage of slipper options for kicking back at home. For your slipper collection (we know you have one), you should consider this pair that's inspired by Jim Henson's 1986 cult classic, Labyrinth. The snuggly footwear is based off a minor character that meets Sarah when she first enters the labyrinth. Probably the nicest monster in the movie, the dapper little worm invites Sarah in for a cup of tea. Fans never see the little blue guy again, but we all remember him fondly in our hearts—and now, on our feet.

You can get this cuddly pair of slippers on ThinkGeek for $54.99. The one-size-fits-all slippers fit everyone up to a men's size 12. With such comfortable footwear, you'll be able to navigate the labyrinth and answer riddles with ease.