This 5-in-1 Device Can Open Pretty Much Anything

Rebecca OConnell
Kuhn Rikon, YouTube
Kuhn Rikon, YouTube / Kuhn Rikon, YouTube
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Free up some drawer space with a handy device that combines five features into one. The Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener can pop tabs, open cans, twist off jar tops, take off threaded bottle caps, and open glass bottles. On one end, there's a bottle opener, threaded grip, and spike for lifting pop tabs. The other end has a traditional can opener. The gadget is perfect for quickly opening a number of items in one sitting without having to fumble around to find a different device. With one of these in your hand, you won't have to ask for help opening a pickle jar ever again.

You can grab one on Amazon for $17.

Kuhn Rikon, Amazon

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