It Was Hotter in the UK This Week Than It Was in Morocco

Michele Debczak
iStock / iStock

Scotland doesn’t have a reputation for its balmy climate, but on May 26, temperatures were higher in the country than in some parts of Africa. As The Telegraph reports, weather in northern England and Scotland approached the low 90s on May 26. Meanwhile, a few thousand miles to the south, temperatures in Marrakesh, Morocco peaked at around 84°F that same day.

The UK’s current all-time high for May stands at 91°F. That record was set on May 22, 1922 at Camden Square in London and it was reached again on May 29, 1944 at several locations around the same city.

Experts predict rainstorms will bring temperatures down to the mid-70s in time for Britain’s Bank Holiday on Monday, May 29. But a summer of sweltering heat is likely just beginning for the region—temperatures are predicted to break into the triple digits in the coming months thanks to warm air flowing north from the Spanish Plateau, a phenomenon known as a “Spanish plume.”

The hot weather trend felt around the world in recent years is on track to continue in 2017. The U.S. is also projected to see above-average temperatures this summer, with parts of the South and West getting hit the hardest.

[h/t The Telegraph]