Tiny Traveling Library Delivers Books to French Villages That Need Them

La Maison Qui Chemin
La Maison Qui Chemin / La Maison Qui Chemin

Minimalism wasn’t a priority when the tiny-home designers at La Maison Qui Chemin constructed this small dwelling. Books were. Behind its compact walls, the mobile home also holds a mini library composed of 3000 volumes. That collection is being put to good use: As inhabitat reports, the structure tours France, stopping in towns without access to bookstores or libraries.

La Maison Qui Chemin constructed La Librairie Itinérante, or the traveling bookstore, for bookseller Jean-Jacques. Before each trip, he secures the bookshelves with sturdy curtains designed to fix their contents in place. Jean-Jacques takes his tiny library to book festivals around the country. When there isn’t an event going on, he hosts free readings that anyone can attend—provided they bring their own slippers to wear inside the house.

Even with more than 1500 pounds of literature on board, Jean-Jacques has found room to make the traveling bookstore his home. The interior includes a loft bed, a kitchen, and a composting toilet. And because a library of any size isn’t complete without a space for reading, there’s a table in the corner built for getting cozy with a book.

All images courtesy of La Maison Qui Chemin.
[h/t inhabitat]