Of all the notable performers to share a birthday on June 1—including Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, and Alanis Morissette—none have inspired quite the same devotion in fans as Fudgie the Whale. The chocolate-covered ice cream cake with a crunchy interior has been a staple of the Carvel frozen treat chain since 1977, with his delicious profile repeatedly referenced in shows like The Simpsons, The Office, and Saturday Night Live.

Franchise founder Tom Carvel originally conceived of Fudgie as a fish-shaped cake mold, but dismissed the idea when he happened upon the concept of a whale. The giant mammal theme was intended to be pushed as a Father’s Day gift for “A Whale of a Dad.”


For the cake’s 40th anniversary, Carvel is partnering with Save the Whales to help raise funds for their conservation efforts. Customers who donate $10 will be eligible to win free ice cream cakes for a year; donate $25 and you can receive a stuffed (non-edible) Fudgie plush toy. Some specially-marked cakes will also trigger a donation when you purchase a Fudgie at participating Carvel stores.

It’s a noble cause, and one you can support by inviting Fudgie into your home and gastrointestinal tract.