These Are America's Most Misspelled Words by State

Kirstin Fawcett

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Can't remember when I comes before E? If you're like many people, you'll turn to Google instead of a dictionary to check the spelling of a tricky word. The tech company looked at Google searches for "how to spell" in order to determine the most commonly misspelled word in each state.

“Beautiful” stumped residents of several states, including Ohio, California, New York, and Minnesota. People in the Badger State apparently have a hard time spelling their own state’s name, given that they Googled “how to spell Wisconsin?” And "disease,” “diarrhea,” and “pneumonia” are all unpleasant to have—and apparently unpleasant to spell, judging by searches in Utah, New Hampshire, Alabama, Maine, and Washington.

Check out Google's map above to find the most misspelled word in your state.