Watching Astronauts Eat Food in Zero-G Never Stops Being Awesome


We thought we'd seen all NASA space cuisine had to offer, from thermostabilized yams and space cheeseburgers to espresso and tea. But we were happily mistaken. On Tuesday, Air Force test pilot and astronaut Jack Fischer introduced the world to space pudding, or the “leaning tower of yumiosity," as he calls it. It almost seems appetizing if you squint and imagine the yellow blob is macaroni and cheese.

In a video from Mashable, you can also catch a brief history of some of Fischer's other culinary achievements in space, which include a peanut butter and jelly tortilla and a strawberry shortcake (a butter cookie with strawberries and little bit of milk on top), along with clips of other astronauts munching on their zero-G snacks.

[h/t Mashable]

Banner image: NASA