The Story Behind One Woman's Sweet Obsession With Strawberries

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Yuko Okumura is smitten with strawberries. Her Bloomington, Indiana, home is filled with strawberry knickknacks, memorabilia, and posters; she purchases clothing printed with tiny red accessory fruits; and when she looks at the clock and sees the number 15, she thinks about her favorite fruit. (In Japanese, the word for "strawberry" is ichigo; since the number one in Japanese is "ichi" and the number five is "go," Okumura associates "15" with strawberries.)

In the Vimeo documentary below—which was shot by Okumura’s filmmaker daughter, Yoko—you can take a tour of the strawberry fan's quirky home, meet her online community of fellow "strawberry enthusiasts," and learn why she thinks her love for the fruit will help save the world.