Short Film From IKEA Celebrates Its Iconic Blue Bag

Michele Debczak

IKEA’s original Frakta bag may not be leather or feature a gold-stamped logo like the designer tote it inspired, but it’s a design icon nonetheless. The blue bag is so recognizable that the furniture brand, along with its advertising partner Acne, made it the focus of a new promotional short film.

As Dezeen reports, the one-minute ad demonstrates how the Frakta tote can be used in several scenarios. In one scene, a family unloads groceries from the bag on their kitchen floor, and in another, a bulldog sports a modified version of the bag as a protective coat.

The film comes after the product made headlines in April for inspiring a $2145 purse from the designer brand Balenciaga. While the look of the bag is striking enough to leak into the fashion world, its utilitarian function is what IKEA chooses to highlight in the ad.

[h/t Dezeen]