For a limited time only, your postcard-perfect view from the Eiffel Tower can come with an adrenaline rush: As Architectural Digest reports, French water company Perrier has installed a temporary zip line on the Eiffel Tower’s second floor to celebrate the French Open tennis tournament. Dubbed “Le Perrier Smash,” the zip line debuted on Monday, June 5 and will operate until Sunday, June 11, when the French Open ends.

The 375-foot-high ride takes about one minute to complete. It whizzes tourists through the air at speeds of around 55 to 56 miles per hour—the speed of a tennis ball being hit—and transports them from the Champs de Mars to L’École Militaire, according to Condé Nast Traveler.

Le Perrier Smash is free to members of the public, but only around 100 rides will be available each day, according to Metro UK. To book an aerial journey, sign up online—but if you won’t be in Paris (or are simply afraid of heights), you can get a virtual taste of the experience by watching ABC News’s video below.

[h/t Architectural Digest]