A LEGO Record Player Could Become a Reality

Speederrider, LEGO Ideas
Speederrider, LEGO Ideas / Speederrider, LEGO Ideas

To provide LEGO fans with a double dose of nostalgia, LEGO Ideas community member Speederrider has designed a working record player constructed from the tiny childhood toys. Once completed, it can play 33, 45, and 78 rpm records, allowing builders to spin both vintage vinyl and newer releases.

Speederrider submitted his record player idea to the LEGO Ideas website in late May. If 10,000 different fans show support for the concept, it will become eligible for review to become a real-life LEGO product. "I believe that a fine built record player set will bring a new perspective to the Lego Company," Speederrider writes on the LEGO Ideas website. "I also believe that this set will be a small contribution to the record culture."

The LEGO record player has a long way to go before potentially hitting toy store shelves near you: As of June 6, it only had 39 supporters—but if you’re a music fan who wants to see the set become a reality, there's still a little over a month left to show it some love.

Photo credit: Speederrider, LEGO Ideas