Video Recreates the Moon Landing Using Photos From NASA’s Archives

Michele Debczak

If the Apollo 11 mission ever gets the full Hollywood treatment, the trailer might look something like the video below. Despite its polished style, this short film from the artist Christian Stangl wasn't made using traditional CGI: Every frame you see was constructed from still photographs pulled from NASA’s Apollo archives.

According to Sploid, the film, titled Lunar, required thousands of images to create. Stangl created the video effect by splicing several pictures into single shots and animating the scenes in Adobe After Effects. Some sequences feature stills that were taken together in rapid succession.

Stangl isn’t the first person who's thought to put NASA’s public domain photos into motion. Last year, filmmaker Chris Coupland edited together a similar short dubbed Apollo. You can watch the video here to see how the two compare.

[h/t Sploid]