He Talks With His Hands

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. found a great way to tell a shouting fan just where he felt they were talking from.


Did You Make It?

Time has released its list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.


The End of Parental Oversharing

We all have a friend whose entire online presence is devoted to meticulously documenting every single, solitary thing their children do. Give them this book.


Han Solo Holds Grudges

Watch as Harrison Ford storms off the set of a talk show in "anger."


Know What Might Cheer Him Up?

One of these dog costumes.


Wait, the Emerald City Isn’t Real?

I really wish the Emerald City or one of these other fictional towns was real.


If You Missed the National Anthem at last night's Buffalo Sabres/Boston Bruins Game...

Watch this.