New Deluxe Edition of Purple Rain Will Feature Unreleased Prince Songs

Kirstin Fawcett

More than a year after Prince’s untimely death, fans will get to hear new music from the late musician: As Variety reports, Warner Bros. is releasing a deluxe reissue of the hit 1984 album Purple Rain—slated for release on June 23—that contains bonus tracks from the Purple One’s legendary vault.

Aside from his musical talent and penchant for wearing purple, Prince was famous for having iron-fisted control over his songs. When the late musician recorded tunes he didn’t plan on releasing to the public, he would tuck them away in a huge safe vault in the basement of Paisley Park Studios, his recording complex in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The walk-in safe reportedly contained thousands of unheard tracks, ranging from outtakes to live and demo recordings.

The Purple Rain reissue will be available in single-, double-, and four-disc versions. The single version is a remastered version of the original album, and the second disc includes B-sides plus edited and extended versions of the album’s five singles. A third CD contains tunes from the vault, dating back to 1983. Also included in the mix are two concert films, one of which contains footage from the Purple Rain tour in 1985.

[h/t Variety]